AnneSp1My name is Anne Spurkland. I am a professor of medicine at the University of Oslo. I teach anatomy and do research within immunology and autoimmune diseases. Immunology is about the body’s defence against all external and internal threaths. Immunology is therefore a field that involves nearly all aspects of body and health. The aim of the blog ImmuneGlimpse is to give small glimpses into the workings of the immune system. The blogposts presented here in English will generally have been published first in Norwegian on my Norwegian blog ImmunGlimt.

From time to time I will write about a topic that is also in the news, but most often it will be small pieces of information that I find are interesting examples on how the immune system works. I will present both well established and more recent knowledge.

I will make the illustrations by hand, as I would have used blackboard and chalk for a student lecture. Be aware that this is to be seen as “caricatures” where the sizes are not comparable to each other. All molecules that I will write about are so small that they are not visible, even in the microscope, while on my drawings they will become super-sized! This is how we who work with molecules on a daily basis manage to relate to something which is not visible. We draw molecule-caricatures.

Feel free to send me comments via the blog, with questions or suggestions for topics to write about. Although the blog originally was written in Norwegian, I will of course also welcome comments from readers of the English version of the blog.

Blogpage by Anne Spurkland translated from Norwegian, 24th November 2014.
First Version published 28th July 2012

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